Third Party Vendor Terms - Loqate Customer Terms

These Loqate customer terms (“Loqate Terms”) are applicable to an Organisation where the Organisation wishes to access or does access address, SMS and email services data (“Loqate Services”) provided GBG Group plc (“GBG”) through its associated entity Mastersoft Group Pty Ltd (“Mastersoft”). These Loqate Terms form part of the agreement between Verifi and the Organisation (“Agreement”).

1. Additional Terms for Loqate Services

1.1 Mastersoft and its parent entity GBG manage global datasets requiring each country and/or dataset requiring us to maintain additional terms for our end users.

1.2 The additional terms for international address services are pass down terms supplied to us by our data suppliers in entirety.

1.3 The additional terms are located at

1.4 Further additional terms for each country and/or dataset are also available at:

1.5 By subscribing to a data-set and/or accessing a dataset through Verifi, the Organisation agrees to be bound by the applicable terms set out on the webpages set out in the above clauses.

2. Copying

2.1 Organisation shall not copy, download, batch harvest, upload or in any other way reproduce the information for the purpose of aggregating the information, save that Organisation may create a copy or backup of the information for the purpose of maintaining an internal archive or for regulatory compliance. Such backup or archive shall not be used for any commercial purpose.

3. Term

3.1 The term of these Loqate Terms, unless terminated separately shall automatically terminate upon termination of the Agreement.