Watchlist Screening

Global PEP and Sanction checks with ongoing monitoring

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Watchlist Screening

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Screen your customers at onboarding to comply with AML obligations then continually monitor their risk profile with automated ongoing monitoring. 

Safeguard your business against high risk individuals

Protection where you need it

Screen against comprehensive global and local watchlist from Dow Jones including OFAC, MFAT, EU and PEP.

Control what's important to you

Configure rules and risk ratings without technical effort to meet your risk appetite and manage false positives.

Identify change in real time

Automated daily screening with alerts linking directly to the data with clearing codes that offer flexibility to flag for rescreening.

Cost Effective

Reduce the cost and risk of manual processes with automated screening and monitoring.

AML Compliance

Meet your AML and OCDD obligations without significant manual effort.

Optimise Fast

Optimise your rules and risk rating fast with no technical cost.

Access to Data

Access to all data for auditing and reporting compliance.

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