PEP & Sanction Checks

Screen your customer and find out whether they are a politican, a terrorist, or a criminal.

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PEP & Sanction Checks

Global Watchlist Screening

Comply with your AML obligations

Cloudcheck can assist you in meeting your AML obligations in New Zealand and Australia.


Price plans to suit your business.

Ongoing Customer Due Diligence

Rescreen your customers periodically to ensure that you remain compliant.

PEP & Sanction checks

Perform PEP & Sanction checks in real-time against local and international watchlists. Using data from Dow Jones, we can screen your customers in seconds.

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It was vital that we have a fast & slick onboarding process that would also allow us to be ahead of the curve when it comes to complying with regulatory requirements.

Tyson Walker

Managing Director, Proppy