Third Party Vendor Terms - Cloudcheck Forms

Definitions and Interpretation

“Agreement” means the Agreement for the Provision of Electronic Identity Verification Services between Verifi and the Organisation and capitalized terms have the same meaning in this Schedule.

“Third Party Vendor” means the Forms By Air Limited.

2. Application

2.1 The Organisation agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions in these Third Party Vendor Terms from the earlier of the Organisation first notifying Verifi that it intends to use or the Organisation subscribing for, accessing the Third Party Vendor Database or the Third Party Vendor Services.

2.2 Verifi may update these terms by posting the update version on the Verifi Website. The version of these terms available on the Verifi Website as at the time that the Database or Third Party Vendor Service is used shall govern such use.

3. Use of Third Party Vendor Database or Services

3.1 The Organisation acknowledges and agrees that data provided on forms through use of the Third Party Vendor Service will be temporarily stored by the Third Party Vendor in order to process the forms and in accordance with the policies of the Third Party Vendor available on the Third Party Vendor website at

3.2 The Organisation agrees and acknowledges that Verifi shall have no liability in respect of the services provided by the Third Party Vendor or in respect of data provided to and / or held by the Third Party Vendor during the form processing.

3.3 The Organisation agrees to the terms of service of the Third Party Vendor available at

3.4 The term of these terms, unless terminated separately shall automatically terminate upon termination of the Verifi Agreement.

These terms are dated 26 July 2023.