Cloudcheck congratulates client Dosh on Canstar Innovation Excellence Award win

Cloudcheck is proud to share that one of our valued customers, Dosh, has recently won the Canstar Innovation Excellence Award in New Zealand.

Cloudcheck, (Verifi Identity Services), a GBG PLC company, is the market leader in electronic identity verification and anti-money laundering solutions in New Zealand.

Dosh, New Zealand’s first mobile wallet, enables Kiwis to send and request money instantly via mobile number or QR code, 24/7. Prior to Dosh, digital wallets and real-time payments had not been available in the New Zealand market. As such, Canstar’s expert panel of judges recognised Dosh as a unique, market-leading innovation. It is the first time in the award’s history that the category has gone to a non-bank.

The history of Dosh and Cloudcheck

Dosh selected Cloudcheck in 2021 to implement a full suite of digital identity verification compliance requirements. In New Zealand, if a business is digitally onboarding a new customer, it is a legal requirement (The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009) to verify their identity against two independent sources — government and address.

Cloudcheck is built into the Dosh platform to do all this seamlessly and with little knock on effect to the onboarding customer. Through Dosh’s use of Cloudcheck’s API, the onboarding customer provides their details and Cloudcheck cross-references against relevant sources before they are permitted to open their digital wallet.

The Cloudcheck API and associated Cloudcheck technologies built into the Dosh platform had to go a step further than meeting regulatory requirements. Since Dosh is the first mobile wallet for New Zealanders, there had to be a substantial level of trust in terms of security and privacy for new customers, who may have been digitally onboarding to a financial platform for the first time.

Dosh’s innovation shines

According to Canstar, one of the reasons Dosh was selected for this prestigious award was its ease of use — testament to the simple sign up process during customer onboarding, backed by Cloudcheck’s technology. 

“Dosh is New Zealand’s first mobile wallet, and as such shows how vibrant and innovative our fintech sector has become. It is a simple and elegant app that provides a financial solution for consumers in many different circumstances,” said Jose George, Canstar New Zealand General Manager.

Canstar is Australasia’s premier financial research and ratings organisation whose purpose is to simplify the world of finance and help consumers confidently find the right product for them.


Vincent McCartney, Managing Director at Verifi Identity Services — providers of the Cloudcheck platform — offers up his congratulations to the whole Dosh team on this significant award win.

“It’s been a stellar year for the team at Dosh, and as a fellow New Zealand company, we always enjoy seeing local companies succeed,” says McCartney. “In partnering with Cloudcheck, Dosh has the assurance of local and on-ground knowledge and support of New Zealand’s evolving regulatory landscape, and can pass that assurance on to its existing and onboarding customers.”